Australia Divisional Final

Curtain has come down on 30th March 2017 for the Australia Divisional Final of The First Innovation and Entrepreneurship International Competition Shenzhen, China. The competition is sponsored by the Municipal Government of Shenzhen and co-hosted by Longgang District Government, Pingshan District Government, Shenzhen Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security and the city’s Technology and Innovation Committee, with the assistance of SETO Australian and AUCNTV. The Australia divisional final was held in the famous Sydney Opera House.

Xuelian Zeng, Deputy Director for the Shenzhen Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, Yanyan Zhao, Deputy Director for the Organisation Department of Longgang District Government and Ting Gong, Principle Staff Member for the Shenzhen Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security gave guest speeches.

In her speech, Ms Zeng acknowledged the role that innovation plays in driving global economic development. She introduced Shenzhen as the leading city in the Chinese Economic Reform and a role model in China’s Independent Innovation Scheme. “Innovation is carved into the city’s heart and should, and has become part of its new inner spirt and new city culture.” She said. Shen then welcomed all overseas talents to come to Shenzhen to take their careers to the next level.


Over 100 submitted projects has gone through four months of rigorous evaluation, with just 20 making it into the the divisional final. The projects span multiple industries such as internet and mobile internet, electronics technology, biology and life science and material and energy science. The competing teams were expected to pitch their project within a short time-frame and give clear answers to all kinds of challenging questions regarding the projects’ originality, technology and market expectation thrown at them by the judges.

After 3 hours of fierce competition, “Sonder Design” and its e-ink keyboard project was awarded first prize. 10 teams including Sonder will go to Shenzhen to compete with other qualifying projects picked from 7 divisional globally. The industry-specific final will be held on 13th April and the grand final will be held on 14th April. The final prize money could mount up to 1 million Chinese Yuan at maximum.

In the Australia Divisional Final, 1 First Prize, 2 Second Prizes and 3 Third Prizes have been announced. The winning teams will respectively receive 100 thousand, 50 thousand and 30 thousands Chinese Yuan of prize money.

In Yanyan Zhao’s guest speech, the Longgang District Government also has strategic plans to attract hight quality projects, startups and talents to the district.

Councillor for Science and Technology Affairs at the Consulate-General of the People's Republic of China, Zhiyong Qi and Member of the Georges River Council, Nancy Liu also attended the Australia Divisional Final.