Innovation & Entrepreneurship International Competition Is Back Again!

Venture capital funds are amounting to 100 million US dollars!

60 venture capital investors!

Strong policy support from the Shenzhen government!

And mentoring guidance by a multitude of experts!


Life is short. Opportunities are rare. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is now at your doorstep.

In December 2016, the First Innovation and Entrepreneurship International Competition, Shenzhen, China was officially launched, accepting the application of projects and competitors from all over the world.

Division competitions will be held in eight countries: Australia, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Canada, India & Israel.

For the Australian division, registration of applicants from Australia, New Zealand & other Oceanic regions starts on January 1, 2017, and ends on February 28, 2017. On March 30, 2017, Sydney will host the Australian division competition, through which 10 entrants will be selected to enter the Grand Final in Shenzhen in April.

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship International Competition, Shenzhen, China originates from the Innovation Competition of International Talents, Shenzhen, China. AUCNTV orchestrated the 2016 Innovation Competition of International Talents, Shenzhen, China. This successfully demonstrated the friendly environment towards innovation and entrepreneurship in Shenzhen, internationally promoted the portrait of Shenzhen as a city of innovation and successfully gathered a collection of innovative talents and projects. Eight Innovation Industrial Parks in Shenzhen signed the letter of intent with 15 Final projects, among which 6, including the First Prize project, have officially settled in Shenzhen.

This competition is an upgrade from its predecessor in three folds:

First, it has more coverage. Divisions have increased from 5 to 8, with three more hosting cities Toronto Canada, London-UK & Bangalore-India which are well-known for their rich and proactive talents of innovation and entrepreneurship. This will cast a wider and stronger net in search of international talents.

Second, it's more industry oriented. In this competition, projects will be classified into five industrial categories, which are Internet and Mobile Internet (Information Technology), Electronics Technology, Biology and Life Science, Advanced Manufacture & Material and Energy (Including Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection). Industrial Finals are added with corresponding prizes to boost its attraction. Entrants qualifying from division competitions will compete with rivals of their industries from all eight overseas divisions for Industrial Finals prizes.

Last, it's more rewarding. The total prize money increased from $693,000 AUD to $1,824,000 AUD, with prizes set up for all three levels of competition, which are Overseas Division Competition (total prize of $464,000AUD), Industrial Finals (total prize of $500,000 AUD) and the Final(total prize of $860,000 AUD). Any individual project has the chance to win an overall prize of $250,000 AUD, including the first prize of Division Competition ($20,000 AUD), the first prize of Industrial Finals($30,000 AUD) & first prize of the Final ($200, 000 AUD).

Besides, an extra Creativity Prize is set up only for the Australian Division. Twenty among all entrants not qualified for the Division Competition will be selected to compete for this prize. All Creativity Prize candidates will automatically join the public panel for the Division Competition and have the chance to connect with venture capital investors from Shenzhen. Creativity Prize offers a special opportunity for innovators whose projects are still in the concept or design phase, to help them assess & examine their ideas, and provide a shortcut for implementation and development of their projects.

Enterprising and pioneering

China is the outstandingly progressive in entrepreneurship in today’s world, and Shenzhen, where high-tech giants like Huawei & Tencent were founded and cultivated, is the haven of innovation in today’s China. China is the future of the world, and Shenzhen is the future of China. To create your own business, to fulfill your dream, why not try it in a place with the most abundant capital, the most supportive government, the most solid foundation and the most expansive market?

Do you know that in Chinese ‘Wollongong' means where a genius hides? Are you the one? Here comes the First Innovation and Entrepreneurship International Competition, Shenzhen, China.

Do you have the ambition to create an empire but lack the necessary resources?

Do you possess leading-edge technologies but not a commercial platform?

Do you aspire to enter billion dollar markets but find no way in?


Or, do you just have a ground-breaking idea, but shortcuts to success are nowhere to be seen?

Now it’s your chance! Participate in the First Innovation and Entrepreneurship International Competition, Shenzhen, China., and stride with us into the future!