The First Innovation & Entrepreneurship International Competition, Shenzhen, China


In April, 2017, Shenzhen, China will host The First Innovation & Entrepreneurship International Competition. This competition is the penultimate event in a series of competitions held around the world that will exhibit innovative thinking and game-changing advances in technology and industry.

The competition participants will have the chance to gain insight and direction from senior industry specialists and therefore improve both their projects and their experience of working with leaders in the China market. The Shenzhen government is providing comprehensive assistance through the introduction of a range of funds and policies which will support a number of the outstanding projects to accelerate their industrialisation and utilisation by the public.

The competition participants will also benefit from interacting with other participants from around the world, giving each a superb opportunity to showcase their talents and lay a foundation for a promising and successful future.

Schedule: December 2016 to April 2017.

Entry Fee:  There is NO entry fee for participants. Submission of projects and participation is free.


• Regional Divisions: Sydney, Australia; Silicon Valley, USA; London, UK; Toronto Canada; Tokyo, Japan; Munich, Germany; Bangalore, India; Tel Aviv, Israel.

• Shenzhen Final: Shenzhen, China.


• Participants shall be high-caliber overseas talents who have their own innovation achievements and formulate their own business plans.

• Participants shall have a plan to start a business or work in Shenzhen within 6 months after the Competition.

• Participants shall possess full ownership of all rights related to the product, the technology and the patent, have no property dispute with any other person, and assume full responsibility caused by any possible infringement.

• Participants that have won First, Second or Third Prize in the 1st China (Shenzhen) Innovation Competition of International Talents and previous China (Shenzhen) Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Finals shall not compete in this Competition.

Competition Categories:

• Internet and Mobile Internet (Information technology)

• Electronic Technology

• Biological and Life Sciences

• Advanced Manufacturing

• Materials and Energy (including energy conservation and environmental protection)

Entry Requirements:

1. In case of any change in registration information during the Competition, participants shall make a written request for changes at the Secretariat of the Organising Committee. Updated information shall not be used in subsequent competitions and applications for relevant preferential policies until duly recorded and updated by the Secretariat of the Organising Committee.

2. Any participant who quits during the course of the Competition will be deemed to give up all rights and interests of the Competition and shall not ask for any compensation.



1 Dec 2016

Australian division competition registration begins. Online registration of innovation projects is acceptable. Both individual and group entrants are permitted.

28 Feb 2017 

Australian division competition registration ends.

9 - 15 Mar 2017 

Online review. Division Competition organisers will organise experts to perform online review of applications from division competitions, and the top four of every industry will be selected by score ranking for the finals of all overseas divisions. Among the rest, 20 will be selected as ‘creative concepts’ to contend for ‘Creativity Prize’ in the Division Competition. Authors of these concepts will also be invited to join the public panel of the Division Competition.

30 Mar 2017 

Finals of Overseas Divisions. Various organisers shall invite experts to score various competitors attending finals in the form of on-the-spot road show & open reply. According to the final ranking, The First, Second and Third Prizes shall be determined and corresponding bonus will be conferred. However, based on the final industrial ranking, the top 2 projects shall be selected from every industry to complete finals held in Shenzhen. ‘Creativity Prize’ shall be determined and corresponding bonus conferred.

Mid-Apr 2017 

Industrial Finals. On the day of the industrial finals, finalists shall be divided into five industries and compete amongst each other. Based on demonstrations and debates, professional judges will select all winners for the First, Second and Third Industrial Prizes. The top 3 from every industry shall be selected to compete in the Finals held in Shenzhen.


Final. On the day of the Final, 15 finalists will compete in demonstrations and debates. The First, Second and Third prizes will be selected and awarded by score ranking by professional and public judges.


During the Competition, a field visit to local innovation and startup environments will be arranged for overseas talents and teams to promote cooperation with local enterprises and institutions, startup parks, investors, and businesses in relevant industries. Travel subsidies will be provided by the Organising Committee to the finalists who come to Shenzhen for the Finals (2 persons for every project at most).


The Competition will follow the principles of fairness, justice and openness, and invite experts from different fields such as technology, management, HR and investment to join the review to guarantee the objectivity and authenticity of the review results.


The detailed schedule of each stage and operating mode will be uploaded to the competition's website( All the news and notices will be uploaded on the website within a reasonable time. It is the participants' responsibility to observe these online updates.


Division Competitions :
    First Prize - RMB ¥100,000 (about AUD $20,000)
    Two Second Prizes of RMB ¥50,000 each (about AUD $10,000)
    Three Third Prizes of RMB ¥30,000 each (about AUD $6,000)
    Creativity Prize - RMB ¥30,000 (about AUD $6,000)

Industrial Finals :
    First Prize - RMB ¥150,000 (about AUD $30,000)
    Two Second Prizes of RMB ¥100,000 each (about AUD $20,000)
    Three Third Prizes of RMB ¥50,000 each (about AUD $10,000)

    First Prize - RMB ¥1,000,000 (about AUD $200,000)
    Three Second Prizes of RMB¥500,000 each (about AUD $100,000)
    Six Third Prizes of RMB ¥300,000 each (about AUD $60,000)


Supportive Policy

60 venture capital institutions will build a venture capital pool amounting to RMB ¥700,000,000 for portfolio investment in winning projects. All entries can be linked with the service platform via corresponding competition investment and gain outside investment opportunities. Meanwhile, they will also be invited to attend The Conference on International Exchange of Professionals held in China.

• All prize winners (limited to one individual from each group) from the Championship Final shall commence their projects in Shenzhen, China. Alternatively, they shall work at Shenzhen within three years after the competition's conclusion. Once registered or employed, they will fall within the ‘Peacock Talents"’ C category of Visa classification. Winners certified as Peacock Plan Class C Talents will be awarded a one-time subsidy of RMB ¥1,600,000.

• Winning projects in overseas division competitions that are eligible for local industrial supporting policies and are based inShenzhen will be awarded up to one million RMB as start-up funds as per regulations.

•  Winning projects in overseas division competitions will be awarded government equity investment and priority will be given to projects that are eligible for local industrial supporting policies and have won prizes from division competitions held in Shenzhen.

• The venture capital institutions filed in the Competition will establish a venture capital pool to provide portfolio investment to excellent, winning projects, as well as supporting services like professional management, consultation and business planning. (No settlement in Shenzhen is required)

• Winning projects in overseas division competitions that are settled down in Shenzhen will have priority to access the startup parks, incubators and industrial parks at the municipal and district level, and will be offered rent reduction/exemption, subsidies

• The Competition will provide participants and engaged investors with information query, engagement meeting organisation, centralised project presentation, closed-door meetings and other services. (No Settlement in Shenzhen is required)

• Winners who settle down in Shenzhen will be provided with start-up training, management consultation, mentorship guidance, patent application, innovation resources sharing, professional exhibitions, international exchange, talent recruitment and other supporting services.


Special Notes: For relevant regulations or policies, please refer to the official websites including Wechat and Weibo of the competition for details. Relevant supporting policies and measures for the implementation are subject to official announcement (policies prevailing in Longgang District and Pingshan District are updating).


Rights and Responsibilities

All participants will retain the intellectual property rights of their submitted work. By entering, the participants authorise the Committee to advertise the competition by publicising competition content and participant portraits during the competition