The second Innovation & Entrepreneurship International Competition, Shenzhen, China


The second International Innovative & Entrepreneurial International Competition is instructed by the PRC Ministry of Science and Technology and the PRC State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs. Being hosted by Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government, the competition is organised by local governments of Longgang, Pingshan(Shenzhen), Shenzhen Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Commission. To implement the concept of an international, high-end oriented, market-oriented and professional competition in accordance with the call of ‘Public entrepreneurship and innovation’, the competition aims to provide a platform stimulating mutual learning and innovations for competitors.


Without limitation of nationality, high-level talents and projects are admitted to this competition. Bonus of this competition totally reaches RMB 10910,000 Yuan, which includes individual bonus up to RMB1400,000 Yuan (Government subsidies and venture capital investments are not included). A pool of RMB 20.9 billion Yuan has been set up by 34 investment institutions, which helps support outstanding projects. Equal opportunities of social investment are going to be distributed via the platform to all participants which are going to be invited to the International Exchange Conference of Professionals in Shenzhen as well.


Additionally, policies for professionals,industrial incentives, Technology and financial policies and project incubation are going to be provided in this competition.

Schedule: December 2017 to April 2018.

Entry Fee:  There is NO entry fee for participants. Submission of projects and participation is free.


• Regional Divisions: Sydney, Australia; Silicon Valley, USA; London, UK; Toronto Canada; Tokyo, Japan; Berlin, Germany; Boston, USA; Tel Aviv, Israel; Stockholm, Sweden

• Shenzhen Final: Shenzhen, China.



Participants shall be those who have innovation achievements and business plans.

• Participants shall have plans of entrepreneurship within 6 months after the competition.

• Participants shall have no dispute of property rights about projects, otherwise participants will be responsible for related tort.

• Participants that had not won prizes in previous domestic or International Innovative & Entrepreneurial Competitions of Shenzhen. 


Competition Categories:

• Internet and Mobile Internet (Information technology)

• Electronic Technology

• Biological and Life Sciences

• Advanced Manufacturing

• Materials and Energy (including energy conservation and environmental protection)


Key industries (for Profession Competition):

• Internet of Things

• Artificial Intelligence

• Anti-cancer Technology

Entry Requirements:

1. In case of any change in registration during the Competition, participants shall make a written request for changes at the Secretariat of the Organising Committee. Updated information shall not be used in subsequent competitions and applications for relevant preferential policies until duly recorded and updated by the Secretariat of the Organising Committee.

2. Participants who quit are going to be deemed voluntary waivers of all rights.



1 Dec 2017

Australian division competition registration begins. Online registration of innovation projects is acceptable. Both individual and group entrants are permitted.


28 Feb 2018 

Australian division competition registration ends.


Early to Mid Mar 2018 

Online review. Division Competition organisers will organise experts to perform online review of applications from division competitions, and the top four of every industry will be selected by score ranking for the finals of all overseas divisions. Projects that are also registered for Professional Competition will be marked as well.

Late Mar 2018 

Finals of Overseas Divisions. Various organisers shall invite experts to score various competitors attending finals in the form of on-the-spot road show & open reply. According to the final ranking, The First, Second and Third Prizes shall be determined and corresponding bonus will be conferred. However, based on the final industrial ranking, the top 2 projects shall be selected from every industry to complete finals held in Shenzhen. 


9 Apr 2018

Professional Competition. On the day of Professional Competition, Participants are going to compete live by means of demonstrations and debates. Winners of the first, second, and third prizes are going to be ranked in accordance with scores given by professional experts. Bonus will be distributed respectively.

10 Apr 2018

Industrial Finals. On the day of the industrial finals, qualified competitors of five different industries in the Commercial Finals give live demonstrations and debates. Winners of the first, second, and third prizes are going to be ranked in accordance with scores. Three top-rankers are going to be qualified into the Finals. Bonus will be distributed respectively.


12 Apr 2018 

Final. On the day of the Final, Twenty-four qualified competitors give live demonstrations and debates in the Finals. Winners of the first, second, and third prizes are going to be ranked in accordance with scores given by audience and professional experts. Bonus will be distributed after the Finals.



During the Competition, local innovation and creative industrial parks will be visited and investigated. Overseas talents and teams will be invited to meet with the local enterprises, innovation pioneering parks, investment institutes and related enterprises. The Organising Committee is responsible for the main expense of Professional Finals and Finals in accordance with competition rules. (No more than 2 persons per project)


The Competition is going to follow the principles of ‘fairness, justice and openness’. Experts of technological, human resources, and investment fields are going to organised to ensure justice and equity of the whole competition.



Division Competitions :

    1 x First Prize - RMB ¥100,000 (about AUD $20,000)

    2 x Second Prizes of RMB ¥50,000 each (about AUD $10,000)

    3 x Third Prizes of RMB ¥30,000 each (about AUD $6,000)

Professional Competitions:

    1 x First Prize - RMB ¥150,000 (about AUD $30,000)

   2 x Second Prizes of RMB ¥100,000 each (about AUD $20,000)

   3 x Third Prizes of RMB ¥50,000 each (about AUD $10,000)

Industrial Finals :

    1 x First Prize - RMB ¥150,000 (about AUD $30,000)

   2 x Second Prizes of RMB ¥100,000 each (about AUD $20,000)

    3 x Third Prizes of RMB ¥50,000 each (about AUD $10,000)


    1 x First Prize - RMB ¥1,000,000 (about AUD $200,000)

    3 x Second Prizes of RMB¥500,000 each (about AUD $100,000)

    6 x Third Prizes of RMB ¥300,000 each (about AUD $60,000)


Supportive Policy

A pool of RMB 20.9 billion Yuan has been set up by 34 investment institutions, which helps support outstanding projects. Moreover, professional management, consulting, business planning and other supporting services are provided.

• Winners who are certified as  Peacock Plan Class C Talents will be awarded RMB 1,600,000.

• Winning projects in overseas division competitions that are eligible for local industrial supporting policies and are based in Shenzhen will be awarded up to RMB 1,000,000 as start-up funds per regulations.

• Winning projects in overseas division competitions will be awarded government equity investment and priority will be given to projects that are eligible for local industrial supporting policies and have won prizes from division competitions held in Shenzhen.

• China Merchants Bank will help competitors to complete the registration of Shenzhen business affairs, and recommending cooperative lawyers who are able to provide legal services for competitors; China Merchants Bank will also provide financial services of settlement for competitors, including but personal settlement accounts, application of personal credit cards, personal social security cards, reserved fund cards and housing mortgage loans not limited.

• Enterprises with certificates of talents and intellectual properties can debit and credit maximum amount of RMB 30 million yuan from Bank of Jiangsu.

• Winning projects in overseas division competitions that are settled down in Shenzhen will have priority to access the creative and industrial parks as well as incubators at the municipal and district level. Rent reduction/exemption, bonus and other benefits will be offered as well.

• Information query, engagement meeting organisation, centralised project demonstrations, closed-door meetings and other services will be provided to the Participants and engaged investors.

• Winners who plan to settle Shenzhen will be provided with supporting services such as start-up trainings, management consultations, mentorship guidances, patent applications, and innovation resources. Chances to professional exhibitions, international communication, and talent recruitments will be provided as well.

• Shenzhen Green Pine Capital Partners Co,. Ltd will

1. Provide free venues as  innovation incubators;

2. Provide more than 400 cooperative teams and more than 40 quoted enterprises;

3. Provide resources of business incubation services;

4. Provide resources of research institutions from universities, such as the South University of Science and Technology;

5. Provide instructors of business incubation.

Special Notes: Please refer to the official website, official Wechat and official Weibo to know more information above. Policies and settlement of this competition are subject to official announcement. (Policies of Bao’an, Longgang and Pingshan are constantly updating)




The Competition will be video-recorded and broadcast on TV media to promote candidates’ projects. The Organising Committee will organize related training activities for participants who are qualified to the second round. Schedules and venues will be published on the official website. Changes prior to the schedule will be announced in the Notification section of the official website. The Organising Committee of The Second China (Shenzhen) Innovation and Entrepreneurship International Competition reserves the copyright and the final interpretation rights of the Competition Manual. The Competition Manual is for reference only. In case of any changes, please refer to the official website of the Competition.